The FineWatches Podcast Ep. 6 – Fred Mandelbaum

Collecting, Knowledge and Passion.

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Whether your watch appreciation journey is just beginning, or you measure time by when you’re adding the next piece to your collection, grab a pen and paper as there is much to be learned from this episode’s guest.

Fred Mandelbaum is a self described completionist and lover of all things horology.  His knowledge and passion for watches, the technical achievements in the field, and the history of important brands and their milestones is truly exceptional. So much so that Breitling has engaged Fred to consult for the brand on numerous projects and specific model re-editions.

Fred is a passionate member of the global watch collecting community known for his generous sharing of knowledge and belief that a deeper understanding of any area of interest enhances one’s enjoyment significantly. Fred’s contribution to our discussion is sure to be valuable to anyone interested in watches.

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