The FineWatches Podcast Ep. 11 – Charlie Dunne

Talk On Time

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Comparing the virtues of Wu Tang Clan and Lil’ Pump is not something you expect to do during a watch podcast, but in this episode of the FineWatches podcast we do just that.

In my conversation with Charlie Dunne his gregarious approach to the watch community, love for horology, and unquenchable thirst for knowledge shine though. His Instagram account @books_on_time is a must-follow for all curious watch lovers.

Our discussion touches on the history of the measurement of time, what makes for a vibrant watch community, a list of amazing books to seek out, and, yes, a comparison of the lyrical prowess of Wu Tang vs. Lil Pump.

You can find Charlie on Instagram here: @books_on_time

Stacy Perman’s incredible book on the Henry Graves Supercomplication which we discuss in this episode is on Amazon here: A Grand Complication

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