The FineWatches Podcast Ep. 19 – Ben Lewin

Time Traveller

It’s rare that one gets to speak with a true raconteur. It’s a fitting description for Ben Lewin.

His film “The Favour, The Watch and The Very Big Fish” with Jeff Goldblum and Bob Hoskins was one of the seeds that began my journey into watches. Featuring a JLC Reverso, it showed that watches could be something more than just a tool for telling the time. We refer quite a bit to his 2002 documentary “Hollywood Gold”, linked to below, which beautifully captures the characters in the Hollywood watch and jewellery scene at the time.

The L.A. based Australian film maker, watch trader, and story teller extraordinaire joined me to discuss what motivates people to collect watches, some of the amazing pieces Ben has come across, and to tell some of the most incredible tales of watch trading you’ll hear anywhere.

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You can find ” Hollywood Gold” here: Watch on YouTube

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