The Fine Watches Podcast S.2 Ep.14 – The M.A.D. Professor – Max Büsser

The M.A.D. Professor – Max Büsser, Redux.

After a short break we’re back…….and how!!

Max Büsser joins Ben for another fascinating, wide ranging, conversation.

Creative leaders like Max are few and far between. Profoundly driven by his principles and creative drive, he is clearly aware, despite the lofty heights that MB&F’s core products occupy, that people and giving back are not only corporate bywords, but fundamental to truly satisfying, sustainable success.

In a time when profits dictate production more and more, MB&F continues to succeed by sticking to its core why; “To inspire people to think differently.” We discuss how MB&F maintains a balance between its avant-garde creative history and meeting market demand, what inspires Max and his team to continue to push boundaries, and the importance of values when measuring personal success.

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