The Fine Watches Podcast S.2 Ep.15 – Watch People – Kathleen McGivney & Adam Craniotes

Watch People – Kathleen McGivney & Adam Craniotes.

RedBar is a name well known to most watch enthusiasts world wide. With a membership of around 13,000 people globally across 90 chapters on every continent , bar Antarctica, the watch meetup group brings together horology lovers everywhere. (For any RedBar members listening on the southernmost continent, if you can help with a RedBar sign with your Antarctic station’s chapter on it would be amazing!!)

Starting as two friends meeting at the RedBar, the group has grown into a global organisation that allows enthusiasts to gather, learn, and enjoy each others timepieces, and which also boasts a foundation which gives to a large number of charities local to each chapter.

In this episode, Ben speaks with Adam Craniotes and Kathleen McGivney about the Group, its culture of “don’t be a dick” and appreciation of all watches no matter brand or cost, through getting started with watches, RedBar marriages, consumer and watch group influence over the watch industry…….and Steven. (Check him out in the video version.)

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