The FineWatches Podcast Ep. 13 – Kathleen McGivney

Setting A High Bar

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This episode is a truly epic discussion. I’m joined by Kathleen McGivney, one of the Founders of the RedBar Group, former COO of the Horological Society of New York and board member of Bailey House.

We discuss what drives Kathleen and her RedBar associates to so passionately pursue the organisations philanthropic activities, the importance of brands and watches that neat their own path, and more, all in Kathleen’s disarmingly honest style .

You can find Kathleen on Instagram here: @kmcgivney
Kathleen’s amazing lecture to the Horological Society of New York is here : How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Radium Dials
Do check out the lecture. It’s absolutely fascinating and super engaging. the other lectures from HSNY are also worth a wander through.

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