The FineWatches Podcast Ep. 3 – Phil Toledano

Bishop to King 7. Checkmate.

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True enthusiasts everywhere understand the pure passion one gets from their interest. Whether it’s watches, cars, movies, or ouzo, the joy of discovering the intricacies and nuances of any given field is hard to match. For the true zealot, sharing this passion with others is, in some ways an even greater joy.

My guest for episode three of the FineWatches podcast is a true enthusiast about many things, with an eye for the common thread of the unusual in each. Phillip Toledano, or Mr Enthusiast, is an artist and true creative who’s passion for unusual watches and cars sets him apart from the usual banter around both. We discuss his various collections, the joy to be found off the well trodden path and what it means to be a true enthusiast.

You can find Mr Enthusiast here: @misterenthusiast
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